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Achieve more by working with a creative consultancy focused on facilitating your progress.

Workforce Strategies

Strengthen your Organization Beyond COVID-19

This July 2020 study gathered insights from over 100 employers and employees about the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and the future of management in the emerging workplace.

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creative thinking may mean simply the realization that there is no particular virtue in doing things they way they have always been done

Creative Consulting

Benefit from engaging a consultant with a unique ability to bring possibilities to light and uncover the strengths by which you can make progress. The approach works, though it isn't for everyone. It works well with leaders open to a new way of moving forward and ready to engage through a process of practical discovery.

he who rejects change is the architect of decay


Timpano Consulting:
• helps leaders think strategically or get 'unstuck'
• explores possibilities for how organizations can thrive
• facilitates complex issues & helps articulate solutions
• provides perspective & insight on organizational issues
• engages stakeholders to move the mission forward
• infuses energy and direction on initiatives
• leverages communication as a strategic business tool
• delivers practical frameworks for real progress

Services include:
• executive advising
• organizational strategy
• business planning
• change/transition management
• governance
• leadership development
• facilitation
• capacity building
• succession planning/execution
• brand development
• messaging

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to remain static is to lose ground

Learn to Grow

Expand your mind to expand your business. Melanie Schmidt is an engaging, dynamic, and knowledgeable speaker. Bring her in (virtually) for your next keynote, seminar, workshop, boot camp, or meeting. Material is customized to your need and your audience.

change before you have to


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